AFTER 02/02/18

We have some tips to help you find your feet, just follow these steps to unlock your next must have beauty favourites!

  1.  Complete your profile

Complete your beauty quiz, for a chance to be part of our brand campaigns. We run regular brand campaigns giving our most loyal and engaged members the chance to trial products for free, in return for your valued feedback.

  1. Connect your social accounts

Don’t forget to connect to your social accounts for the latest updates and so that we can calculate your engagement  score (coming soon, to find out more read here!). There are many ways to earn points towards your engagement  score, connecting your social accounts is a great starting point to give your score a boost! Your engagement score will enable us to determine what campaigns you qualify for. Read more about engagement score here.

  1. Become a superstar member  

By purchasing a membership you will unlock Phase Zero beauty at experimental prices. Don’t fret, we have made Phase Zero accessible to all. If you don’t wish to be a member but still want to buy the products, you can still shop Phase Zero at the RRP and be part of our community without purchasing a membership.

  1. Shout your squad

We know you won’t be able to keep this to yourself, so tell your mates, and for every friend who joins you will receive £1.  Once you have referred 10 friends you’ll unlock a £10 voucher to redeem in our shop!  To read more about credits and vouchers click here.

  1. Check your inbox

Keep an eye out for our emails. We will be sending you opinion surveys, review requests and snap polls for products you’ve tried or campaigns we are trialling.  All the information and feedback you give us will improve your engagement score which will make you more eligible for future campaigns.