With a Groupon membership payment for postage is requested when placing your first order, so each monthly order placed will be inclusive of postage. Your 60 monthly credits will renew on the same date for the remainder of your prepaid membership (If your first order was placed on the 02/11/16, 2nd month credits due on the 02/12/16 and then 02/01/16).

When joining us on a pre-paid membership such as those purchased from Groupon, your account will automatically be credited with 30 or 60 loyalty credits (depending on wether you have joined on a 3 or 6 month membership). 

With your add on credits (which you can also purchase from the Boutique) you can shop The Boutique as many times a month as you like, so you won’t ever miss out on the products you want (that’s exciting)! For each new order placed outside your monthly order, we charge £3.95 P&P, which you will pay at checkout before you confirm your order.

You can however wait until your monthly order to use these add on credits which will be included in the cost of postage you paid initially.