For monthly users only your account will automatically receive 60 monthly credits for every month your account is active.  However you can also earn and receive add on credits to place extra orders throughout the month. 

Loyalty credits are our way of saying thanks for being with us!  We award your account with 10 credits per month you stay with us.* Loyalty credits will be available on the 3rd, 6th and 9th months (and so on). 

Your loyalty and add on credits will stay available on your account until you decide to use them.  For each new order placed outside your monthly order, we charge £3.95 P&P, which you will pay at checkout before you confirm your order.  A minimum of 40 add on credits is required to place an order outside your monthly credits. 

You can however wait until your monthly order to use these add on credits which will be included in the cost of postage you paid initially.



* Rolling monthly members only